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Online Forex Broker Leads the Pack With Superior Service, Leading Software and Client Satisfaction

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the opportunity offered by opening an online forex account. It’s hardly surprising given the Foreign Exchange Trading Market (or forex) details: open 24 hours a day with round the clock trading, worldwide participation and an average daily transaction volume that reaches almost $4 Trillion (US). This is a market that can’t be ignored and dwarfs the world’s largest stock exchanges for transaction volumes. Those who wish to participate in online forex trading often do so through an online forex broker. The broker gives its customers access to an online trading platform, provides trading accounts and is responsible for the trading of currency pairs. Having the capability to conduct online forex trading is one thing, but a superior broker will ensure that clients’ money is safeguarded, provide a superior trading experience and offer the highest tier of customer service.

Tadawul FX (also known as TDFX) has built a reputation as leading online forex broker because the company is focused on those key points, while operating with business values that emphasize honesty, integrity and ethical practices.

TDFX provides a range of educational material on its web site, including an introduction to forex trading, trading tips and tutorials. For those who would like to try their hand at online forex trading but aren’t yet confident in their grasp of concepts, calling TDFX at +357 25200900 (or e-mailing will give allow them to easily open a demo account and introduce them to many educational resources available for beginners in forex. They can then experiment with a virtual balance and see how they make out on the online forex market. It’s easy to take that demo account and transition it to a live account once the client is comfortable.

There’s no getting around the fact that successful online forex trading can be a challenging undertaking. However, a solid and fully featured trading platform makes a world of difference and the platform provided by TDFX, MetaTrader 4 (or MT4), provides the ultimate tool for online forex trading. MetaTrader 4 is a comprehensive online forex trading platform with a version available for PC as well as mobile phone and PDA versions for mobile trading capabilities. All that is needed is an internet connection in order to trade. MetaTrader 4 supports over 20 different languages and every transaction and exchange of information is securely encrypted with a strong 128-bit key. The features of the software support everyone from beginner traders who might be trying it out with a demo account to the seasoned online forex trader. A full suite of analytical tools gives clients the ability to review their performance and make adjustments to their trading strategy in order to maximize profitability.

While MT4 is a superior trading platform, it is TDFX’s customer service that really makes this online forex broker stand out. With innovative offerings like Islamic forex accounts and core values of honesty and integrity, Tadawul FX is an industry leader. Visit, or call one of their friendly and helpful customer support agents at +357 25200900 for further information or to open an online forex account of your own.


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