High Ho, High Ho, It’s Off to PEO!

February 17th, 2009

Arizona has some of the toughest employment laws to abide by. No longer is just having a copy of a Social Security Card good enough. With employers facing sanctions, suspension or even loss of a business license, knowing who you hire is an absolute must. Knowing that you can trust someone to do the job right is a necessity. With E-Verify, National PEO will make sure that you know who it is you are hiring. Knowing that National PEO has done this for many other businesses in Arizona is just one reason you should go with National PEO.

PEO (Professional Employment Outsourcing) can handle your back office needs. Human resources is a time consuming, but important aspect of your business. Having clear definitions and guidelines set forth in an employee handbook is just one of the little things that you, as an employer, needs to have. It need to effectively communicate to your new employees your standards of practice and also includes the compliance notices that you are required to have. You will be able to go to National PEO with your employee handbook needs.

Payroll alone takes a huge chunk out of your productivity. Simple employee requests turn into hours of research and frustration. Why are you wasting your time when you don’t have to? National PEO offers payroll services for you to streamline your life. You can call, email, fax, drop off, or mail your payroll to National PEO and know that the job will get done, right. Beyond payroll, there are many other benefits to using a payroll outsourcing company. National PEO will handle your new hire submissions, terminations, and pay changes. You will have the ability to access reports and employee information whenever you want. Security being of utmost importance, there are many levels of security to make sure your businesses information, in only your businesses information. You can also eliminate the burden of having to track vacation and sick days. Your employees also will have access to their individual employee records, so you can keep your attention on what matters most, your business.

Running a successful business is stressful enough; having the added stress of payroll and human resources to deal with can be maddening and make you want to quit. Don’t. There is a company that knows that you want to succeed, they know how to help you along the way. National PEO is the answer to your payroll and human resource needs.


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